Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi


Request for Additional Information

For any additional information regarding the undergraduate program, please visit Undergraduate Request for Information.

Freshmen Admission

Freshmen entering the School of Applied Sciences must meet the same requirements as those for general admission to the University. UM Office of Admissions.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from other institutions of higher learning must meet the requirements stated by the UM Office of Admissions. Transfer students must submit transcripts of all transfer work to the Office of the Dean of Applied Sciences before enrollment.

Criminal Justice BCJ/MCJ 4+1 Program Information

The Department of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies offers an accelerated bachelor’s/master’s program for students currently admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ). This allows the student to graduate with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) within five years. Get more information.

UM Students Changing Majors

Students who have completed prior course work at the University of Mississippi under a different school must have a 2.0 GPA on all work attempted at the University as well as on all work attempted at any institution of higher learning. To declare a major in the Criminal Justice or Paralegal Studies, students must:

  1. fill out an application packet, which may be obtained in the main departmental office.
  2. set up an appointment with the Chair of the Department of Legal Studies.
  3. submit a Change of Major Request Form to the School of Applied Sciences after meeting with the Legal Studies Chair.
  4. meet with a representative from the Dean’s Office to officially change the major.