Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Center for Evidence-Based Policing & Reform

Center Director: Wes Jennings

Location: Mayes 320


Director Bio:

Dr. Wes Jennings has been externally recognized multiple times as one of the top criminologists in the world in terms of his publication productivity. He has extensive experience working on federally-funded projects from agencies including the National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance that involve research-practitioner partnerships. He is a world re-known policing scholar, who has widely published in areas such technology and policing, prediction models in policing, and police use-of-force. He has also been involved with conducting randomized controlled experiments and rigorous quasi-experimental designs with police agencies in the past.

About the Center/Mission:

The Center’s activities are broadly categorized as education, research, and training with evidence-based strategies and transformative and sustainable reform being the thread that binds all of the Center’s activities together.  Specifically, the Center closes aligns with and serves to enhance the skills and expertise of students, drive the research enterprise of the Department, School, and University forward, offer educational training and advanced educational credentials for practitioners, and provide a forum to engage scholars around the nation and world on evidence-based policing. Led by Chair & Center Director Dr. Wes Jennings the Department which houses the Center is home to world class faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized as scholars, educators, and change makers.  Moreover, they lead with passion for addressing critical issues that are inherently interwoven into the current (and historic) landscape of policing. 

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