Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Recent Publications

Below you will find recent scholarly journal articles authored or co-authored by our esteemed faculty.

Department of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies *Names in bold represent Legal Studies faculty members

Boateng, F. D. (2019). Perceived Police Fairness: Exploring Factors that Influence Perceptions of Procedural Fairness in Ghana. Policing & Society. 1-13.

Boateng, F. D., & Hsieh, M. L. (2019). Explaining Job Satisfaction and Commitment Among Prison Officers: The Role of Organizational Justice. The Prison Journal, 99(2), 172-193.

Boateng, F. D., & Wu, G. (2018). Effect of Organizational Support on Police Effectiveness and Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. Asian Journal of Criminology, 13, 311-328.

Boateng, F. D., & Kaiser, K. A. (2019). Trust and Confidence in Media and Criminal Justice Institutions. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.63(12), 2213-2233.

Boateng, F. D. & Howley, C. M. (Forthcoming) The verdict is in: how did they decide? Using drivers’ self-reported data to understand officers’ decision making during traffic stop encounters

Boutwell, Brian B., Mathias Clasen, and Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen* 2020 “We Are Legion: Possession Myth as a Lens for Understanding Cultural & Psychological Evolution.” In press 

Fenimore, D., Perez, N., & Jennings, W.G. (Forthcoming). Early risk factors for violence among Hispanic adolescents: Evidence from a systematic review. Aggression & Violent Behavior.

Haynes, S. H., May, D., Lambert, E. G., & Keena, L. D. (2019). An examination of the effects of personal and workplace variables on correctional staff perceptions of safety. American Journal of Criminal Justice. 1-21.

Hollis, M.E., Jennings, W.G., & Hankhouse, S. (2019). An outcome evaluation of a substance abuse program for probationers. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 44, 395-408.

Jennings, W.G. (2020). Editorial Introduction. “International developmental/life-course perspectives and research on sexual offending and sex offenders.” Sexual Abuse.

Jennings, W.G., Perez, N., Delcher, C., & Wang, Y. (forthcoming, 2020). Opioid prescribing rates and criminal justice and health outcomes. New York, NY: Springer.

Jennings, W.G., Powers, R., & Bishopp, S. (2020). A longitudinal analysis of sexual assault incidents by race/ethnicity. International Journal of Criminal Justice, 1, 41-54.

Kaiser, Kimberly A. Forthcoming. An evaluation of successful program completions across types of problem-solving courts. Justice Evaluation Journal.

Kaiser, K. A., & Rhodes, K. (2019). A drug court by any other name? A Comparative Analysis of Specialized Court Programs. Law & Human Behavior, 43, 278-289.

Kaiser, K. A., & Reisig, M. D. (2019). Legal Socialization and Self-Reported Criminal Offending: The Role of Procedural Justice and Legal Orientations. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 35, 135-154.

Kaiser, K. A., & Spohn, C. (2018). Why do Judges Depart? A Research Note on Judicial Reasons for Departures. Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society, 19, 44-62.

Kavish, Nicholas*, Henriette Bergstrøm, Chelsey Narvey*, Alex R. Piquero, David P. Farrington, and Brian B. Boutwell 2020 “Examining the association between childhood cognitive ability and psychopathic traits at age 48” Forthcoming at Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment.

Kavish, Nicholas*, Henrietta Bergstrom, Alex Piquero, David P. Farrington, and Brian B. Boutwell 2019 “The longitudinal association between resting heart rate and psychopathic traits from a normative personality perspective.” Forthcoming at the American Journal of Criminal Justice.

Kavish, Nicholas*, Jesse Helton, Michael Vaughn, and Brian B. Boutwell 2020 “The Association of Externalizing and Internalizing Problems with Indicators of Intelligence in a Sample of At-Risk Children” 

Lambert, E., Keena, L., Haynes, S., May, D., Ricciardelli, R., & Leone, M. (2019). Testing a path model of organizational justice and correctional staff job stress. Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Lambert, E., Keena, L., Leone, M., May, D., & Haynes, S. (2019). Wanting a fair work experience: Exploring the effects of distributive and procedural justice on job satisfaction and organizational commitment among staff working at an unusual southern prison. Social Science Journal. 

Lambert, E. G., Haynes, S., Keena, L., May, D., Leone, M. (2019). Research note: The effects of organizational justice variables on job involvement among southern prison staff. Journal of Crime and Justice. 

Lambert, E. G., Keena, L. D., Haynes, S. H., May, D., & Leone, M. C. (2019). Predictors of Job Stress among Southern Correctional Staff. Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Lambert, E. G., Keena, L. D., Haynes, S. H., Ricciardelli, R., May, D., & Leone, M. C. (2020). The issue of trust in shaping the job involvement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment of southern correctional staff. 

Lee, H. D., Boateng, F. D., Kim, D., & Binning, C. (2019). Residential Stability and Trust in the Police: an Understudied Area of Police Attitudinal Research. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 1-14

Liu, J., Wu, G., & Boateng, F. D. (2019). Does procedural fairness matter for drug abusers to stop illicit drug use? Testing the applicability of the process-based model in a Chinese context. Psychology, Crime & Law, 1-20.

Mann, G., Bishop, T. U., Kaiser, K., & Cafer, A. (2019). College2Youth: Design of Multidisciplinary Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Experience. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

May, D., Lambert, E. G., Leone, M. C., Keena, L. D., & Haynes, S. H. (2020). Stress among Correctional Officers: An Organizational Justice Approach.

McElreath, D., Etter, G., Doss, D. A., Mallory, S., McElreath, L., & Lindsley, A. (2019). The Ku Klux Klan Today in Mississippi: Invisible or Insignificant. Journal of Gang Research.

Piquero, Nicole Leeper, Alex R. Piquero, Chelsey Narvey*, Brian B. Boutwell, and David P. Farrington 2019 “Are There Psychopaths in White-Collar Jobs? Forthcoming at Deviant Behavior.

Reynolds, Tania, Todd Shackelford, Viviana A. Weekes-Shackelford, Joseph Nedelec, Kevin M. Beaver, and Brian B. Boutwell 2020 “Child Mortality and Parental Grief: Some Theoretical Considerations.” In press at New Ideas in Psychology.”

Roche, S., Fenimore, D., & Jennings, W.G. (2019). Trends in top journals in criminal justice and criminology. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 30, 551-566.

Rosa, M., Fox, B.H, & Jennings, W.G. (2020). Do developmental/life-course (DLC) risk factors equally predict sexual and non-sexual offending among at-risk youth?

Tanksley, Peter*, J.C. Barnes, Avshalom Caspi, Terrie E. Moffitt, and Brian B. Boutwell 2020 “Identifying Pathways to Polyvictimization: Evidence from a Longitudinal Cohort Study of Twins from the United Kingdom.” In press at Journal of Experimental Criminology.

Walker, D. A., & Cesar, G. T. (2020). Examining the “Gang Penalty” in the Juvenile Justice System: A Focal Concerns Perspective. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. 

Walker, D., & Holtfreter, K. (2019). Teen Pregnancy, Depression, and Substance Abuse: The Conditioning Effect of Deviant Peers. Deviant Behavior.

Watson, D., Boateng, F. D., & Miles-Johnson, T. (2019). Legitimizing policing practices: a study of stakeholder perceptions of police trustworthiness, effectiveness and relationship with the community. Police Practice and Research, 1-17.

Wu, G. & Boateng, F. D. (2019). Viewing Them with an Eagle Eye: A Comparative Assessment of Police Officers’ Attitudes toward Citizens in Ghana and China. Policing: An International Journal.

Xian, Hong, Brian B. Boutwell, Chandra A. Reynolds, Daphne Lew*, Mark Loque, Daniel E. Gustavson, Nicholas Kavish*, Matthew S. Panizzon, Xin Tu, Jeremy A. Elman, Kristen C. Jacobson, Rosemary Toomey, Olivia K. Puckett, Michael J. Lyons, William S. Kremen, and Carol E. Franz 2020 “Genetic underpinnings of increased BMI and its association with late midlife cognitive abilities.” Forthcoming at Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine.

Below you will find recent books authored or co-authored by our esteemed faculty.

Akers, R.L., Sellers, C., & Jennings, W.G. (forthcoming, 2020). Criminological theories: Introduction, evaluation, and application. 8th edition. Oxford University Press.

David H. McElreath, Adrian Doss, Barbara Russo, Mike Corey, Carl Jensen, Jeff Van Slyke, Robert Nations, Leisa Stuart McElreath, Ashley M. Lindsley and Stefan E. Schulenberg, Disasters that Shaped International Emergency Management, Kendall Hunt Publishers (December 2020 submission date)

David H. McElreathAdrian Doss, Barbara Russo, Michael Corey, Jeff Van Slyke, Gregg Etter, Carl Jensen, Leisa Stuart McElreath, Ashley M. Lindsley, Stefan E. Schulenberg, Bob Nations, Mike Wigginton, and Julie Nations co-authors, Foundations of Emergency Management 2nd Edition Kendall Hunt Publishers, In Press, August 2020

David H. McElreathAdrian Doss, Barbara Russo, Michael Corey, Jeff Van Slyke, Carl Jensen, Leisa Stuart McElreath, Ashley M. Lindsley, Bob Nations, Mike Wigginton, Jeff Van Slyke, Introduction to Homeland Security (3rd Edition) CRC Publishers, In Press, December 2020.

Kattelman, K., Chouraeshkenazi, M. M., & Boateng. F. (Eds.) (2018). Terrorism Strategic and Methodological Approaches (First Edition). Cognella Publishing.

McCann, W. S., & Boateng, F. D. (2019). National Security and Policy in America: Immigrants, Crime, and the Securitization of the Border. Routledge.