Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Internship Information for Students

CJ 490, the Criminal Justice internship course is offered during the fall, spring and full summer semesters. While enrolled in this course students can earn 3 – 6 college credit hours, and gain work experience while  network with professionals in their field.

Criminal Justice majors may complete an approved internship during their junior or senior year at an approved agency. It is recommended that the internship be completed during the junior year. The primary purpose of the internship is to enhance the students academic experience through a planned and supervised program of observation, study, and work in a selected criminal justice agency or related agencies.

The student is responsible for seeking out and securing an internship position with a criminal justice or closely related agency or organization. The procedure for making an arrangement with an agency or organization and the requirements are outlined in the Internship Handbook and the CJ 490 Information Sheet and Internship Learning Agreement. Students may look for internship positions throughout the United States and abroad.

No student will be allowed to enroll for internship credit at their current place of employments, in position(s) which s/he already holds, or work for a relative or family member.

Covid-19 and CJ 490

During Spring 2021 students will have two options for completing the internship portion of the class.

Option 1 – An in-person or virtual internship (3 or 6 credit hours)

To receive 3 credit hours for the course students must complete at least 135 clock hours with site; for 6 credit hours students must complete at least 270 clock hours with site.

This option is just like a traditional internship where students complete assignments for an internship site in person, remotely or in a combination of the two. Any students who select this option must sign an ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY and the internship Site must provide, on official letterhead or Email template, information about their policy on COVID 19 and plans to insure the safety of student interns for any in-person hours.

Option 2 -An Alternate Internship experience focused on Career Prep (3 credit hours only)

This option will require students to complete multiple assignments including but not limited to, written assignments including a research paper, creation of a resume and submission of applications to multiple agencies, working with the UM Career Center to complete career preparation and completion of online training programs.

Students will indicate which option they plan to enroll in when they submit their application for enrollment in CJ 490 (link at the bottom of this website).  All students will have online coursework to complete in Blackboard.

Looking for an Internship

We recommend that you connect with the Career Center  and sign up on Handshake to receive information about jobs and internships that come available throughout the year. You may also apply to the sites that have already been approved by the department for Criminal Justice internships in the past. This is not a comprehensive list of internship sites and is subject to change. Review a list of In Person Internship Sites (Revised 11/18/2019)  that were approved in previous semesters.

Sites to look for Virtual or Remote Internships – Please keep in mind that your internship site(s) should be in a Criminal Justice field OR you will need to justify the alternate site.

Site/ Search Limits to Use
Career Builder Type in “telecommute” or “remote” as a keyword
Chegg Internships  (formerly Use keyword search “Remote”
Glassdoor Filter- more- WFH or Remote turn on Use keyword “remote”
Indeed COVID-19 resources
LinkedIn Click “remote” under location search on job tab
Monster Use keyword search “Work from Home”
Student Opportunity Center Click “Virtual & Remote Opportunities”
the muse Type “Flexible/Remote”
WayUp Click “View Remote Jobs”

Also, there are job boards dedicated to remote work that also include experiential learning opportunities:

JobsPresso Remote Circle
Just Remote
LetsWorkRemotely Remotive
Outsourcely Skip the Drive
Pangian Virtual Vocations
Pro Blogger We Work Remotely
remote | ok Working Nomads



1) Please read the CJ 490 Internship Handbook: INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK May 2018

Ideally, students should plan to complete their internships in their Junior year.
Students should apply to Federal agencies at least one year before they plan to enroll in CJ 490.
Students should apply to state and local agencies at least 4 months prior; earlier is better for the Oxford area as it is highly competitive.

2) Student decides what type of internship sites matches her emphasis area and future plans, and when she would like to enroll in the CJ 490 course.

3) Student begins to reach out to internship sites that interest her.

4) Student should approach the internship site search with the same care as if she was applying for a job. Stay professional and take notes about the process. Many sites will need follow-up or request additional details from the student/applicant.

5) Once an internship site has agreed to sponsor a student for an internship, she needs to work with the site to complete CJ 490 Information Sheet and Internship Learning Agreement

6) Student must request to be enrolled in CJ 490 using the online application. Click on link to be directed to the appropriate form.

Students who request an internship site that does not appear to be a criminal justice related agency must complete the form – Request to Intern at an Alternative Site

  7 )  Applications received after the deadline dates will be automatically rejected.

Deadlines are:

  • Summer 2021 intern: Two weeks prior to the beginning of full summer school. May 18, 2021
  • Fall 2021 intern: Two weeks prior to the beginning of the fall semester. August 9, 2021
  • Spring 2022 intern: Two weeks prior to the beginning of the spring semester. January 4, 2022

7) CJ 490 Internship Coordinator will review the application & respond via email (1) requesting additional information about the site or (2) approving student’s request to enroll in the Internship course. If you do not receive an email within 7 days, follow up.

8) The CJ department will enroll students in the course once the enrollment period opens. Students cannot enroll themselves into the course.

         Check your course schedule to verify you were added to the course.

9) Once the semester begins, student will complete assignments in their online class & will complete hours at their internship site.

If you have questions or need more information about the process, please contact the Internship Coordinator:

  • Prof. Anne M. Klingen
  • Adjunct Instructor, Department of Legal Studies
  • 662-259-0834 (Leave a message) I can only return calls after 5pm or on weekends
  • Make an appointment to speak with the professor via zoom –