Legal Studies

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Internship Information for Students

CJ 490, the internship course is offered during the fall, spring and full summer semesters. While enrolled in this course students can earn 3 – 6 college credit hours, and gain work experience while  network with professionals in their field.

All Criminal Justice majors must complete an approved internship during his/her junior or senior year at an approved agency. The primary purpose of the internship is to enhance the students academic experience through a planned and supervised program of observation, study, and work in a selected criminal justice agency or related agencies.

The student is responsible for seeking out and securing an internship position with a criminal justice or closely related agency or organization. The procedure for making an arrangement with an agency or organization and the requirements are outlined in the Internship Handbook. Internship positions may be developed both within the State of Mississippi, out-of-state and abroad.

No student will be allowed to enroll for internship credit for working with his/her current job, in position(s) which he/she already holds, or work for a relative or family member.

Looking for an Internship

We recommend that you connect with the Career Center  and sign up on Handshake to receive information about jobs and internships that come available throughout the year. You may also apply to the sites that have already been approved by the department for Criminal Justice internships in the past.

Review a list of Internship Sites (Revised 11/18/2019)  that were approved in previous semesters.

The Process of Locating an Internship and Enrolling in the Course

  1. Read the CJ 490 INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK carefully. Keep it for reference.
  2. Meet with the Criminal Justice Academic Advisor to discuss the internship program and eligibility.
  3. Consider where and when you want to complete your Internship. Reach out to Criminal Justice agencies that match your interests and inquire about their application process. You can also consult a list of Internship Sites that were approved in previous semesters.
  4. If you have questions about a prospective site or the course, reach out to your Internship Professor. ( or Make an appointment)
  5. If the site is willing to sponsor your internship then work with the site to get all the information need for the CJ 490 Application and to complete the Internship Learning Agreement.   (Note the site supervisor will need to sign the Internship Learning Agreement).
  6. Submit the completed documents no later than two (2) weeks in advance of the internship semester.
  7. Deadlines are:
    • Summer intern: Two weeks prior to the beginning of full summer school.
    • Fall intern: Two weeks prior to the beginning of the fall semester.
    • Spring intern: Two weeks prior to the beginning of the spring semester.
  8. Using the Online Form, your will submit the required information from the CJ 490 Application and upload a copy of the completed Internship Learning Agreement. (can be submitted as an image or a scanned document). These documents must include the  proposed internship agency name, field supervisor name, internship position duties and responsibilities and work schedule agreed to immediately upon acceptance by the agency. Student must have a confirmed internship assignment in an agency by no later than two (2) weeks prior to the first day of classes.
  9. Please be advised that by submitting this completed packet, you are giving permission to be registered for CJ 490.
  10. The Criminal Justice Internship Professor will then review the Internship Application.
  11. Internship agency requests that seem to have little or no relationship to the criminal justice system or that appear to offer a weak internship field experience will not be approved. The Criminal Justice Internship Professor will make the decision of whether or not to approve a requested internship location no later than the start of the semester of the internship.
  12. If your application is approved Criminal Justice Internship Professor will followup by email and the department will enroll the student into the CJ 490 course. Students can not enroll themselves into the course.
  13. If you wish to withdraw from the course, you must make a written request to the Department Chair to have this application packet removed and officially drop CJ 490 from your schedule.

Internship Professor:
Anne M. Klingen, J.D.
Adjunct Instructor, Department of Legal Studies
Phone: 662 915-7902
Make an appointment


1) Please read the CJ 490 Internship Handbook: INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK May 2018

2) Determine your proposed internship site and reach out to them.

If the site is willing to host your internship, complete the CJ 490 Application (pdf of the application) &  CJ 490 Internship Learning Agreement (pdf).

3) Submit these forms online

  • Submit the online application: CJ 490 Application (web form)
    You will attach the Internship Learning Agreement to the online application form.  (Files type must be .doc, ,pdf, ,jpg or .png).