Legal Studies

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

MCJ FAQ: Program Questions

What can I do with a Master of Criminal Justice?

After completing our 36-hour Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) program, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Pursue a doctoral program.
  • Secure employment with criminal justice and related agencies at the local, county, state, and federal government.
  • Secure employment with criminal justice and related companies within the private sector.
  • Pursue teaching opportunities.
  • Pursue promotional opportunities.

What coursework is required?

The MCJ is a 30 graduate-hour program. All students complete 9 credit hours of core (required) classes:

  • CJ 600: Criminal Justice Administration
  • CJ 601: Criminal Justice Statistics
  • CJ 602: Criminal Justice Research Methods

Students must complete 12 elective hours from either the Criminal Justice Policy & Practice track and/or Homeland Security and Emergency Management track. Students must also complete 3 additional research or statistics based elective hours. Finally, 6 hours are to be completed through thesis, capstone, or practicum options.

Do I have to write a thesis to get my degree?

No, not all students who graduate with a Master of Criminal Justice from The University of Mississippi will research and write an independent thesis. In order to complete your degree requirements, you will select one of three culmination options:

  • Thesis (6 credit hours)
  • Capstone (3 credit hours plus an additional elective)
  • Practicum (6 hours)