Bachelor of Paralegal Studies

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The Empowered Paralegal,
by Robert Mongue, J.D.
Review of:
The Empowered Paralegal:
Working with the Elder Client
by Robert Mongue, J.D.


If you are looking for a career that offers prestige and excitement, one in which you can positively affect the lives of others, then consider a career as a paralegal. Supervised by an attorney, paralegals apply knowledge of law and legal procedures to assist attorneys, clients, and business organizations by performing such tasks as conducting legal research; drafting legal documents; interviewing clients and witnesses; and assisting attorneys in depositions, hearings, and trials.

The Paralegal Studies program at The University of Mississippi prepares students for this fast-paced and rapidly growing career field, honing the skills and attributes employers are looking for. The program also serves as a firm foundation for those students who plan to attend law school.

Paralegal career outlook.

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