Legal Studies

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Curriculum & Program Requirements

The Master of Criminal Justice degree requires successful completion of 30 semester hours, including 24 hours of course work and successful completion of one of the three program completion options.

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All MCJ students must take the three (3) core courses. Students must also take one (1) additional research- or statistics-based graduate elective course. Students may take their remaining courses from either of the optional two tracks: Criminal Justice Policy & Practice or Homeland Security & Emergency Management. Students may combine electives from both tracks. To complete their 30 credit hours, students will complete six (6) hours of a program completion option.

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Core Classes

All students are required to take the following courses:

Track 1: Criminal Justice Policy & Practice (CJPP) 

The following classes would qualify for the CJPP track:

Track 2: Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HSEM) 

The following classes would qualify for the HSEM track:

Research and/or Statistics Electives:

Students must complete one (1) research or statistics elective course. The following list of courses meet this requirement.**Students may take a research or statistics course outside of these options (including courses outside the department) with department approval.

* May be taken 2 times with a different topic.

**Note. Some courses may be taken as either a CJPP or HSEM electives orto fulfill the research/statistics elective. One class cannot fulfill both requirements.

Program Completion Options:

Student must complete one of the following options to complete their degree:

Waivers of the three (3) core classes of CJ 600, 602, and 603 are not granted. Students are expected to take and pass these classes with an acceptable grade of C or better. Please note that a grade point of less than 3.00 will result in being placed on academic probation, and a grade point average of at least 3.00 is required to graduate.

Elective courses in the student’s program are to be chosen after an advising session with an assigned Legal Studies graduate academic advisor to determine a plan best fitting the student’s educational and career goals. Up to six (6) semester hours of coursework outside the Departmental of Legal Studies can be taken as elective credit towards the Master of Criminal Justice degree with prior approval of the Legal Studies Graduate Program Coordinator and the Department Chair.