Executive Cohort Program
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Executive Cohort Program?

Across the nation, many public safety officials serve in locations that make any attempts to continue graduate education in a traditional program extremely difficult if not impossible. The University of Mississippi meets the scheduling demands of this professional population through its Executive Cohort Program (ECP). The University’s Master’s Degree of Criminal Justice offers an intensive homeland security graduate concentration that focuses on the development and application of new technologies. The ECP mirrors the current Master’s of Criminal Justice at Ole Miss with the exception that the residency period on the Oxford campus includes four (4) two-week interludes during intersession terms rather than the traditional fall and spring semesters.

The 36-hour degree is policy oriented and emphasizes community policing. It includes topics such as fraud, scams, intelligence planning, and terrorism. These courses prepare you for work with law enforcement, private security, and homeland security agencies, as well as a career as a policy analyst. The curriculum also prepares you for doctoral programs and teaching at the community college level.

Who does the Executive Cohort Program serve?

The program is designed for students from such backgrounds as justice, homeland security, public safety, and the military.

What are the requirements of the Executive Cohort Program?

Students must complete the program over the course of two years in order to receive a master’s degree. Courses are hybrid in design, with extensive web support to ensure that students gain the most possible from the residence sessions. The 36 credit hours of instruction are divided between 30 hours of course work and 6 hours of thesis or practicum.

During each two-week session, students complete a total of six hours of credit. Students are expected to complete all preparatory work for the courses prior to arrival and to complete and submit final course assignments within thirty (30) days of the completion of the residency period. What are the requirements for admission?

Applicants must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university
  • Submit an Application for Formal Admission to The University of Mississippi through the Graduate School
  • Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work from credit-awarding institution(s) to the Master of Criminal Justice Executive Cohort Program Coordinator
  • Provide three (3) personal references and a personal statement
  • Provide GRE scores
  • Pay a $25 non-refundable application fee

Who are the ECP faculty?

The instructional staff is comprised of full-time University of Mississippi graduate faculty and outstanding graduatequalified adjunct instructional staff.

When is the application deadline?


How much does the Executive Cohort Program cost?

The cost of the Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice equals tuition costs for a traditional graduate student at The University of Mississippi plus $10 per credit hour for an online lab fee. For additional information, please contact the Graduate School at gschool@olemiss.edu.

Where do I live while attending the two-week interludes?

While in residency, ECP students reside at the newlyrenovated Inn at Ole Miss adjacent to the Grove, an 11-acre park located in the heart of the campus. The Inn is a short walk to the downtown Oxford Square where you can enjoy restaurants, shopping , and entertainment. Students in the ECP may receive discounted rates at the Inn. Residence Hall rooms are also available. Contact the Project Coordinator for more information.