Master of Criminal Justice
Executive Cohort Program

The University of Mississippi’s Master of Criminal Justice is the ideal program for professionals wishing to pursue a master’s degree while continuing their career.

The Executive Cohort program offers the support and flexibility professionals need to complete a degree, at a well-established and highly reputable university, that will enable them to take their career to the next level.

Across the nation, many public safety officials serve in positions that, by the nature of the location of their employment, make their attempts to continue graduate education in a traditional program extremely difficult.

The Executive Cohort Master of Criminal Justice program meets the scheduling demands of this professional population by offering four two-week sessions over the course of two years.

The program is designed for students from such backgrounds as criminal justice, homeland security, public safety, and the military.


The Master of Criminal Justice Executive Cohort program mirrors the current Master of Criminal Justice presented by the University of Mississippi with the exception that the student residency period on the University campus includes two-week interludes in summer sessions, rather than the traditional fall and spring semesters.

Courses are hybrid in design, with extensive web-support to ensure the students gain the most possible from the residence sessions. The program will consist of 36 credit hours of instruction, divided between 30 hours of course work and 6 hours of thesis or practicum.

Students must complete four two-week residencies over the course of two years in order to receive a master’s degree. All residencies are held in Oxford, Mississippi on The University of Mississippi main campus. During each two week session, students complete a total of six hours in credit. Sessions are held during intersession terms. Students are expected to complete all preparatory work for the courses prior to arrival and complete and submit final course assignments within thirty days of the completion of their residency period.

Dr. Linda Keena

I’d like to welcome all practitioners to the Executive Cohort Program, which is designed to help students earn a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis in Homeland Security. Our goal is to train today’s professionals for tomorrow’s challenges. We prepare our students for leadership and growth in their respective career fields. We take pride in the shared learning experience between our faculty and students, and we look forward to having you join our program.

Dr. Linda Keena
Program Coordinator
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P: +1-662-915-1998